IT Audit

IT plays an increasingly leading role in every company and organisation. Mitigating the IT risks and delivering benefits are therefore increasingly essential to the success of a company or an organisation.

We assist your information system department in identifying and assessing the IT-related risks within each of these domains : IT Governance, IT Management, Software life cycle management, Service management and Information Security. If the IT risks are not properly managed, they may impact profitability and damage your organisation’s reputation.


IT Governance

To ride through the threats arisen from complex information systems, new stakeholder expectations and regulatory requirements, we provide you insight in formulating solutions about managing IT-enabled investments, mitigating IT-related business risks, implementing information security, ensuring data privacy…

We assist you with the achievement of better IT governance and value creation through the delivery of benefits, the management of risks and the optimisation of resources. 


Data protection & privacy

The new European Global Data Protection Regulation brings new privacy requirements in terms of user consent and rights. Organisations need to perform a Data Protection Impact Assessment and in case of high risks to assign a Data Protection Officer. Information systems have to be conceived by taken into account Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default.


We create value for you organisation through:

  • Enhanced IT governance
  • IT risk optimisation
  • Improved investment and project benefits delivery
  • Better IT service management (service desk and change processes)
  • Optimised IT resource management
  • Adequate data protection and information security


Our IT service department delivers:

  • IT Health Scans
  • IT Governance evaluations
  • COBIT based IT audits
  • IT risk assessment
  • IT portfolio & project reviews
  • ERP & financial system audits
  • IT legal compliance evaluations
  • ITIL service management assessments
  • IT outsourcing audit and coaching
  • BCP/DRP review and coaching
  • Information security audits
  • ISO 27001 information security certification coaching
  • IT process maturity assessments
  • DPO-As-A-Service


We can assist you in resolving your IT issues:



IT Governance

  • No management overview on IT 
  • Risk management
  • Insufficient value creation
  • Inadequate resource utilisation
  • No regulatory compliance
  • No key performance indicators

IT Transformation

  • No management overview on IT
  • Risk management
  • Insufficient value creation
  • Inadequate resource utilisation
  • No regulatory compliance



IT Operations management

  • IT failures
  • Lack of control over IT
  • Access to unauthorized information
  • IT resilience in case of disaster
  • IT quality issues

IT Service management

  • Inadequate service levels
  • Incidents not resolved
  • Systems disrupted by changes
  • Unmanaged outsourcing
  • Uncontrolled suppliers


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