Discover our  DPO-As-A-Service solution (*):

We propose two levels of services:

  • DPO Service
  • No-Care Privacy Service

With the DPO Service, all the duties of the DPO are performed on a regular basis to ensure that you stay at the expected level of compliancy.

The service also includes regular reporting to senior management.

With the No-Care Privacy service, several services are included like e.g. legal assistance, regular awareness sessions for newcomers, independent assessments for your strategic/risk data processors and readiness of DPA audit (with on-site presence during DPA visit).

(*) Can also be applied if your organization does not legally require a DPO but “a privacy championship” fits your strategy…


Your level of services can easily be upgraded.  A set of services is also available “à la carte”, such as readiness of DPA audit or privacy diligence in case you are in a merger or acquisition process.

Before we get started, a first quick GDPR scan is made to assess which level of compliancy your organization has.

We also ensure transparency, independency, convenience, a pragmatic approach,…

Please contact us in order to receive your customized proposal.