29 September 2017




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05 May 2021

As a result of the increased usage of Robotic Process Automation, Internal Audit functions need to consider the associated risks for the organization and the potential impact of RPA on Internal Audit activities.

Download our whitepaper on Internal Audit and RPA to find out!.

01 February 2021

Business interruptions can hurt your organization in terms of reputation, decreased revenues and loss of customer's confidence. Complete our 2-minute self-assessment to get a quick scoring on the current Business Continuity Management (BCM) of your organization.

For more information, you can download our brochure on IT disaster recovery.




02 October 2020

Third Party Digital Risk Management

How to deal with your critical third parties in a digital environment? 


Organizations frequently outsource key activities to specialized Third Party Service Providers. Due to increased use of technology and digitized interconnectedness, third parties often have access to critical and confidential data assets of your organization such as; financial transactions, medical records, customer and pricing information etc. 

24 August 2020

In our previous post we recalled and emphasized a number of important cloud security challenges, reported by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) in 2019. Reported security threats are related to, for example; Identity and Access Management, data identification and classification, threat and vulnerability management… 

When adopting a cloud solution, you should understand and leverage the numerous tools that are available to secure your cloud services. 

17 August 2020

Cloud computing continues to transform the way organizations use, store, and share data, applications, and workloads. A cloud solution introduces an IT operating model with numerous advantages but it brings (new) security threats and challenges as well. Whether your organization is already using cloud services or is planning to move to a cloud environment, you should revise and adapt your "traditional" approach in order to secure your cloud resources. Read more about the key cloud security challenges and how to address them. 

02 July 2020

Many companies outsource their business processes and services to third-party providers known as ‘service organizations’. As a service organization you may report to several clients and stakeholders to provide insights and assurance about the implementation of controls. Read more about our ISAE 3402/SOC 1 audit and reporting services and learn how to efficiently demonstrate you are ‘in control’ as a service organization. 

16 June 2020

More than one year after the Belgian implementation of the NIS directive; a quick reminder on the purpose and consequences of this Belgian cybersecurity law.

24 April 2020

Social distancing rules resulted in a larger number of people working from home, making video conference calls, managing documents and conducting their daily business online. With the increased amount of remote work comes an increased cyber security risk for both the company and your personal information.  Without proper IT asset management, there are major dangers that must be mitigated. 

Now we want to zoom in further on some of the related risks. 

03 April 2020

For our office in Antwerp we are currently looking for:

an Audit Manager - Health Serivces

25 March 2020

COVID-19: How Digital Transformation Can Improve Business Continuity 

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) rapidly impacts our daily lives and organizations. For all organizations, the challenge is to protect people and maintain operations.

17 March 2020

Callens Pirenne, Theunissen & Co is pleased to welcome Gorik Van den Bergh who joined us on Monday 16th March as our new IT Audit Director.

28 January 2020

For our office in Antwerp we are currently looking for:

a Manager - Financial Serivces

28 January 2020

For our office in Antwerp we are currently looking for:

a Senior auditor

28 January 2020

For our office in Kortrijk we are currently looking for:

a Senior auditor

06 December 2019

Last year, Crowe started ‘The Art of Smart’, a pioneering research resource which seeks to inform the discussion around strong and effective decision-making.

More than any other factor, quality decision-making remains the key component to determining successful companies and predicting future business success. 

Produced annually, The Art of Smart is the most comprehensive study of corporate decision-making in the world.

01 July 2019

Discover our  DPO-As-A-Service solution (*):

We propose two levels of services:

  • DPO Service
  • No-Care Privacy Service

With the DPO Service, all the duties of the DPO are performed on a regular basis to ensure that you stay at the expected level of compliancy.

The service also includes regular reporting to senior management.

08 May 2019

On May 3, the Belgian act translating the “Network & Infrastructure Security Directive” was published. 

This means that any potential “operator of essential services” has to start the compliance journey to be compliant with this act.

Callens, Pirenne, Theunissen & C° is ready to help you and can provide you all the support you may need…

Please find enclosed our first gift on how to get prepared for this NIS directive.

Please forward this message to anyone who may be in charge of this compliance journey.

01 April 2019

For our office in Kortrijk we are currently looking for:

a Junior auditor

04 March 2019

For our office in Antwerp we are currently looking for an :

Accountant (m/v) with at least 4 years of experience

23 January 2019

Laurent, together with Yves Carlier, will provide IT audit and advisory services to our customers by developing the service portfolio in IT Governance, IT audit, IT risk management, GDPR/DPO as a service, information management, cybersecurity.

19 February 2018

16 february 2018 - Patrick Soenen published in the Compass magazine of IIA Belgium an article related to auditing outsourced services:  "Auditing outsourcing - How to face risks" 

19 February 2018

January 22, 2018 - At the Cercle du Lac in Louvain-La-Neuve, some hundred clients and prospects took part in the GDPR " event « GDPR – le temps presse ». After the introduction of Baudouin Theunissen, Patrick Soenen and Olivier Van Fraeyenhoven presented the impact of the new regulation on the management of personal data. At the end of the conference, Cécile Theunissen invited the guests to a cocktail. In the "Cercle du Lac" in Louvain-La-Neuve some 100 customers and prospects participated in a GDPR-performance "GDPR - le temps presse".