Since 1936 Callens, Pirenne, Theunissen & C° has been a major player in Belgium’s top 10 audit and accountancy firms. Its success can mainly be attributed to the following distinctive strong points:


A sector-oriented Approach

Our company works with multidisciplinary teams that are familiar with your sector's specific features. We have tailor-made solutions appropriate for the financial sector, industry, non-profit organisations and public authorities.


A Personal Approach

Those who regularly use the services of audit or accountancy firms expect the assigned staff member to have a thorough knowledge of the file and to follow it through from start to finish. Callens, Pirenne, Theunissen & C° attaches great importance to continuity and personal approach.


An International Network

Callens, Pirenne, Theunissen & C° is affiliated with Crowe Global and therefore can also provide the best possible support to organisations operating on the international market. With 28,000 staff in over 100 countries Crowe Global ranks among the 10 biggest accountancy networks worldwide.


Integrity and Independence

Due to the changes to the regulations and as a result of external pressure for sound Corporate Governance, business people are more than ever looking for service providers other than the "Big Four" to ensure reliable and independent services. Callens, Pirenne, Theunissen & C°'s integrity and independence are generally highly valued.